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Maximum availability and security thanks to lockable rack

Your rack at the highly secure data centre in Zurich


Lockable racks guarantee maximum security for your servers and data.

24/7 access included

You can access the data centre 24/7 via the fingerprint reader.


  • Emergency power systems, climate control and internet connectivity are fully redundant
  • Biometric access control


Customised solutions across various locations are provided by our two data centres and four separate fire protection zones.

Internet connection

All server systems and racks are connected to our high performance backbone at a speed of 1 Gbps.


Our data centres are located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Colocation products



  Quarter rack Half rack Full rack
Monthly fees 450.- 750.- 1450.-
Setup fee 650.- 850.- 1500.-
Number of height units 

One height unit (HU) each is required for the patch panel and for the power supply (for HA bundle 2). However, devices that are not full-length can be attached on the reverse side. One HU is approximately 44.45 mm or 1.75 inches.

11 HUs 22 HUs 47 HUs
Power included 500W 1000W 2000W

In compliance with the Fair Usage clause of the Terms & Conditions.

1 Gbps / 100 Mbps CDR 95 % 

Committed data rate (CDR) with 95 percentile rule: At 100 Mbps on a gigabit port, you may at times be able to attain traffic speeds of up to 1 gigabit/second. However, 95 % of the time the speed will be below the purchased rate of 100 Mbps. The traffic graphs ensure you are always able to keep track of your traffic quota.

Network availability 99.9%
Dedicated IP network


IPv4 addresses 

Effective usable IPv4 addresses. Subnets larger than /28 are available on request for an additional fee. Assignment in compliance with RIPE policies.

11 11 11
IPv6 addresses /48 /48 /48
24/7 access ico_tick.png
Fire protection (gas) ico_tick.png
Emergency power ico_tick.png
Redundant climate control ico_tick.png
Access control ico_tick.png
Video surveillance ico_tick.png
24/7 stand-by service ico_tick.png
Support Personal contact person
Data centre location Zurich, Switzerland
Cancellation period 3 months

Prices in CHF, not including VAT


Options (monthly) Close
  Monthly  Setup
High availability (dual power, additional ports) 

High-availability with dual power, second uplink port on separate access router and port for out-of-band management. For dual power, a second power rail is installed, and the load must not exceed 40 % per power rail. For security reasons, use of source transfer switches is not permitted.

75.- 720.-
Additional 500 W power supply 

Fee for double capacity (per 500 Watt) is CHF 200/month

165.- -
Additional uplink port on separate access router  30.- 180.-
Increased bandwidth on request on request
Additional IPv4 subnets on request on request

BGB including IPv4 and IPv6 PA/PI announcement, origin with AS29691 or dedicated AS option.

on request on request
Split between 2 data centres (multi-site redundancy)  on request on request
CO2-neutral operations 

Complete offsetting of CO2 emissions.

6.- -
Green energy 

Operation with energy sourced from environmentally friendly hydropower.

16.- -
Options (one-time) Close
Per each additional authorized person with own key  350.-
Remote Console IP-KVM 

IP-KVM lets your screen, keyboard and mouse of your server be controlled remotely via the internet. Cost for single 6-hour session.

Remote Hands 

If you need Remote Hands to help you with the installation of your server hardware or with operations, our technicians will be happy to assist you. If needed, we provide a 24/7 stand-by service.

Stand-by service (outside of business hours) 250.-/hour
Connectivity options Close
We provide the following solutions for the internal connection of multiple racks:
  Monthly  Setup
Passive (cat. 6 copper) connection between two racks in the same room    180.-
Active (MPLS/VLL) connection between two racks in separate rooms  490.- 360.-*
Active (MPLS/VPLS) connection between more than two racks in separate rooms (setup plus monthly fee per room) 250.- 180.-*

Prices in CHF, not including VAT


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