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«Docker for Developers»

Senior Software Engineer and 9er David Dieulivol gives an overview of using Docker in container technology. 

Recorded on 15th March 2018 at the TechTalkThursday @nine.

Would you like to run your application with docker?
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We think, that's a good decision. Because Docker in conjunction with container technology helps you to work more efficiently and effectively and lets you deploy much faster than conventional procedures. But how exactly do you start this project and where do you start using Docker?

Senior Software Engineer and 9er David Dieulivol gave a presentation on this topic at the last TechTalkThursday, in which he talked about Docker especially for developers.

  • Part 1 - Containers and Docker
  • Part 2 - From theory to practice

In his presentation David started with a short overview of the use of Docker and the use of containers, followed by an example of the introduction of Docker using our nine-Status app at Since this application did not use Docker before, David was able to show the transition to a Docker setup in detail.


We offer you the video presentation in English with subtitles in English. In addition, we are happy to make the transcripts of the video available for you to download in both - German and English.

Video «Docker for Developers»

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