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HUG AG is a Swiss bakery company which began its success in 1877 with the invention of the ‘Schweizer Zwieback’ rusk. Since then, the brands HUG with its baked specialities, DAR-VIDA with its wholemeal crackers and Wernli with its high-end biscuits have come to belong to the group’s range, alongside other brands. In line with the company’s motto, “Herzlich, Unternehmerisch und Gewissenhaft” (“With Heart, Drive and Conscience”), all products are produced in Switzerland and with natural raw ingredients. HUG AG is a family business and is already managed by the fourth generation, in Malters, Willisau and Trimbach. 


Food Industry

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Custom Setup/ Apache, PHP, MySQL

Number of employees 
approx. 380

Server management for the biscuit country

HUG AG uses a mixture of external and internal infrastructure for its hosting. It came together with through its cooperation with a Zurich based marketing and communications agency.

The requirements were clear from the outset and have not changed to this day: the server must have extremely high availability, with server management carried out through the provider. In addition, the costs should remain straightforward and operation plannable. The Managed VServer from can fulfil all of these criteria, no problem. 

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Our implementation

With the Managed VServers from, customers can fully concentrate on their services and react flexibly to new challenges. 

The server management, which fully takes care of, includes the 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of the server. It is checked regularly and current updates and patches are installed. Backups are created daily by and can be easily restored at the customer’s request. 

Thanks to virtualisation, customers can take advantage of unlimited scalability and flexibility. This allows the server to be scaled up or down to suit customer requirements within a very short time and with very little effort in order to help you meet the required performance, for example if there is an increased number of visitors to the website. 

With accounting on a daily basis, customers also benefit from a straightforward cost structure – no matter how many times upgrades or downgrades are carried out. 


“It’s a good sign that I need to look up’s phone number when I have a question – as long as I don’t know the number off by heart, that means I don’t have any problems with my product. It just works, and that’s exactly what you want from your provider.”

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Stefan Burri
Head of Informatics Operations

“With a scalable Managed VServer, on the one hand we offer the necessary flexibility to be able to react to web development in a dynamic environment and on the other hand we guarantee the installation, supervision, maintenance and 24/7 availability of diverse systems. Even in the case of a disruption our customers can always be comforted by the fact that our specialists will work on sorting it immediately and that they always have a point of contact. 


Tajno Schönenberger
Linux Operations Engineer


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+41 44 637 40


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