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The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) was founded in Bern in 1866 and campaigns for more humanity in Switzerland and internationally. With 24 cantonal associations, five rescue organisations, two institutions and the SRC administrative office, the SRC supports a variety of projects in Switzerland and internationally. Throughout Switzerland, these projects include, for example, concepts for relief in everyday life, health, integration, protection, and rescue as well as a platform for education and courses. On a worldwide scale, the SRC is committed to the development of healthcare services, the fight against epidemics, and emergency aid through reconstruction and disaster prevention.


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The SRC has been a customer since 2013 and operates its internal ICT along with various Managed Server systems for its homepage and other subdomains. In its search for a Swiss provider to operate its course management platform a year later, the SRC was impressed with on account of the provider’s professionalism, performance and exciting portfolio. 

The choice of a Root Server was self-explanatory in this context because the course management platform requires specific modules that cannot be implemented on a Managed Server. Dedicated Root Servers and the latest software allow the second largest course provider in Switzerland to process 1 million visitors a year without any problems while maintaining the highest possible availability, especially at weekends, in the evenings or during holidays, as this is when most visitors search for information on first aid or babysitting courses or offers in the area of nursing and care.

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Our implementation

The Root Servers provide customers with full root access to a dedicated machine, allowing them to enjoy maximum independence. For example, this means that Apache or DNS can be installed and managed at will. To provide maximum freedom, there are various operating system options to choose from. Either installs an operating system from its range or, in the case of certain operating systems, the customer does so using NetInstaller or IP KVM.  The commissioning and configuration of the desired server services are then completely in the hands of the customer and carried out via SSH access. 

Thanks to a wide field of applications, Root Servers can be used for any application that requires high performance. The various hardware options enable, for example, the installation of additional SSDs for increased performance or more RAM for greater capacity.

The Swiss Red Cross

“I really appreciate the very high availability and convenient scaling options. Together with the rapidity of support, this is very impressive. We initially had very specific, technical requirements, which implemented in a highly professional manner and with the right solutions in each case.”

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Thomas Imboden
Head of Technology RCE
The Swiss Red Cross

“Our root server solutions allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of our proven high-end hardware without having to compromise on freedom of configuration. Whether as a supplement to an existing managed server infrastructure, in addition to one’s own infrastructure in the data centre, or as an alternative option for a third-party provider, a root server with is the perfect complement for tech-savvy customers. Based on one of the best backbones in the heart of Europe, our customers can easily operate their most demanding solutions.”


Patrick Herzfeld
Linux Operations Engineer


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Root VServer


The virtual server with complete root access provides much flexibility and scalability as possible with a dedicated IP address.

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Root Server


The physical server with complete root access and and maximum performance gives customers the possibility to administrate their own server management.

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