27/03/2017 - Managed AWS News

nine Team Mar 27, 2017

What is new about AWS and what is interesting for Swiss customers this week?

#CloudWatch Events Supports AWS Step Functions

AWS StepFunctions can now be used to program entire sequences with different dependencies thanks to the support of CloudWatch Events. Thus, various steps will be controlled automatically and no manual intervention is needed.

Using the example of a database which has previously only alarmed at an assignment of 85%, it can now be programmed that the AWS step logic performs all steps for enlargement and reconnection itself afterwards. Depending on the input, the database creates the dump itself, uses it at a new location, tests the new database, and retrieves the old one.

The original message from AWS can be found here.

#AWS CodeBuild Is Now Available in EU Region (Frankfurt)

The fully managed service AWS CodeBuild for compiling source codes, running tests and producing and deploying software packages is now also available in EU Region (Frankfurt).

AWS CodeBuild gives the user the opportunity to concentrate entirely on the code. All the following processes are applied to AWS, either in an existing or custom build environment, and all at the same time.

The original message from AWS can be found here.

#AWS Lambda with Node.js v6.10

AWS Lambda ensures a fast execution and fast scaling of your code. This service can now also be programmed in Node.js v6.10 by uploading the Node code as ZIP and selecting the corresponding version. The AWS Serverless Application Model supports the extraction and implementation.

The original message from AWS can be found here.