10/04/2017 - Managed AWS News

nine Team Apr 9, 2017

What is new about AWS and what is interesting for Swiss customers this week?

#Host-based routing for the Application Load Balancer

AWS offers new a host-based routing for the Application Load Balancer, which can be used to route requests based on the HTTP header. For this new feature, AWS has also increased the number of load balancer rules to 75.

The advantages are:

  • a single Application Load Balancer can manage multiple routing logs for applications and web pages and also route various domains

  • even complex queries can be processed with only one load balancer system for all domains and subdomains

  • a total re-engineering is no longer necessary for changes

You can find the original message from AWS here.

#New AWS region in 2018 in Sweden

A fifth AWS region in Europe from 2018 onwards was mentioned in the announcement of Jeff Barr from 04th April 2017. In addition to the existing EU regions in Ireland, Frankfurt and London and the planned region in Paris, there will be also an AWS region in Stockkholm.

Customers from the Scandinavian countries can benefit from this new location - with a low-latency connection and the close storage of their data.

With the new region, AWS offers then a total of 13 availability zones in Europe.

You can find the original message from AWS here.

#Amazon Elasticsearch Service provide more disc space

The fully managed Amazon Elasticsearch Service offers now a higher number of instances for a single domain and also extends the maximum storage capacity per domain on selected instances.

The 150 TB disc space can be used to filter more log files, which provides a larger past for searching and analyzing.

You can find the original message from AWS here.