2017-06-19 - Managed AWS News

nine Team Jun 18, 2017

In our Managed AWS News I will show you what AWS offers for me and how our nine.ch customers can benefit from it.

#Third Availability Zone in Frankfurt

As already announced in the Managed AWS News of 24th May 2017 AWS has now responded to the ongoing growth in the EU region (Frankfurt) and has established a third availability zone (AZ) in Frankfurt.

Customers who run application across multiple Availability Zones in Germany will get even more flexibility and higher availability.

With the new Availability Zone, AWS has now over 43 AZ’s in 16 regions worldwide.

You can find the original message from AWS here.

#Auto Scaling for Amazon DynamoDB

Last week AWS announced Auto Scaling as a standard function for Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed cloud database. Auto Scaling automatically adjusts the read and write capacity in response to dynamically changing request volumes for a NoSQL database.

This capacity had previously been estimated on the basis of the expected application requirements. An incorrect estimate could lead to a slowdown in application performance or to insufficient resources and associated higher costs.

With this new feature, we are now able to fully automate the Auto Scaling of a NoSQL database for our customers by defining a utilization target and defining the minimum and maximum limits. Auto Scaling then regulates the reading and writing performance itself and thus offers a mostly dynamic solution.

You can find the original message from AWS here and Jeff Barr gives in this blog more information about the new option.

#Amazon Aurora Provides Cloning Feature

The MySQL and PostgreSQL compliant database, Amazon Aurora from AWS, provides a simple and cost-effective way to create database clones.

Cloning databases is extremely useful for developing applications, testing, updating databases, and performing analytical queries as they do not compromise the production environment.

The database clone - like all Aurora databases - is distributed and replicated in three Availability Zones. Furthermore several clones of the same database can be created and even clones of clones.

For us, this new feature is very interesting for two additional reasons: on-the-fly clones of the productive database can be created easily and with just a few clicks for integration tests. And it is also a useful feature as an emergency plan when a database rollback is necessary.

You can find the original message from AWS here.

#New nine.ch website: Managed Services @AWS

nine.ch has revised its Managed AWS website. Have a look and find out what Managed Services @AWS at nine.ch means.

Roman Plessl is one of the AWS Certified Solution Architects at nine.ch and writes about the most important AWS news for Swiss customers every week. Follow Roman on LinkedIn, to keep up to date.