Are you ready for the public cloud? Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure are coming to Switzerland

Are you ready for the public cloud? Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure are coming to Switzerland

What was announced in mid-2018 will soon be reality: Google and Microsoft are bringing their cloud services to Switzerland. What does this mean for Swiss companies? How will you benefit from the public cloud “made in Switzerland”? The Swiss cloud sites of tech giants Google and Microsoft are highly anticipated. It makes sense that the two hyperscalers want to get a foot in the Swiss cloud market: Since many local companies are legally or philosophically obliged to keep their data in Switzerland, the planned data centers near Geneva and Zurich will open up a lucrative market for the two global players. But what does this move mean for Switzerland - and for you? What are the benefits and costs of migrating to the public cloud?

The Public Cloud, Cloud Security and Data Protection

In opening data centers in Switzerland, even global players must comply with Swiss laws and regulations. They need to maintain Swiss-style data protection and cloud security – and make sure they adhere to the strict regulations of Finma. Insurance companies, banks, and pharmaceutical companies: sectors with sensitive data will especially benefit from the new offering. The major Swiss bank UBS has already secured a place in the Microsoft cloud, as Bloomberg reported in December 2018. Swiss Re seems also to be thinking about using the Microsoft cloud, and other financial providers are expressing their interest. What makes the public cloud so interesting for these industries?

The Benefits of Migrating to the Public Cloud

The biggest advantage of a public cloud made in Switzerland is obvious: Working with the experienced cloud giants saves you costs and effort, while getting first-class security and data protection. These are some of the additional benefits for Swiss companies migrating to the public cloud:

  • Long-term savings: No need to set up and maintain your own data center.

  • Scalable: You grow, your cloud grows with you.

  • Transparent costs: You only pay for what you actually need.

  • Security and data protection: Your data stays in Switzerland.

In short, you give less and receive more – and you can focus on your company's core competencies with the resources that become available. A classic win-win situation? Not quite: Outsourcing data protection and security requires a lot of trust, and not all clouds are equal. Whether you use Azure, AWS or Google Cloud: The different providers all have clear strengths, but also weaknesses. Conversely, not every company has the same needs. In addition, every migration involves a lot of effort, and you want to avoid switching providers at a later date. Only comprehensive, long-term planning and clear requirements for data and infrastructure ensure sustainable success in the cloud.

Are you ready for the public cloud?

A public cloud based in Switzerland is an opportunity – for you, too. The innovative power and infrastructure of the global cloud giants combined with the secure location of Switzerland: You get the best of both worlds.


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