Looking Back on Our Latest Google Cloud Meet-Up #3

Looking Back on Our Latest Google Cloud Meet-Up #3

The third Google Cloud Meetup took place on 3 March 2020 in our cafeteria. With 38 participants we were able to celebrate a record despite the corona virus. Many thanks to all participants and the presenters.

After pizza and beer sponsored by Google Cloud, we were allowed to follow two half-hour presentations on nines big screen.

In addition to the networking, our emphasis is on the talks: we want to share new, inspiring perspectives with our guests and convey knowledge in a compact form. Everyone should leave the meeting with the feeling that they have learned something new! 

Approaches to Cloud Native Architectures

In the first talk, Nic Gibson and Daniel Leahy introduced us to the architecture of Google Cloud and used an example to show us the journey of a Swiss company into the Google Cloud.

Nic Gibson Daniel Leahy



Chaos engineering on Kubernetes

20-03-03 20-14-49 0838-1For the second talk by Dan Acristinii, we technically went a few levels deeper into the command line. Dan has developed a small mobile phone application with which he can shoot down VMs on his demo Kubernetes Cluster via API. During a live demo he made life difficult for his cluster under artificial load by randomly killing VMs. Using a watch-script, the audience could see how the cluster repaired itself. Chaos Engineering with a demo and symbolically supported by a picture of a sinking container ship!


On this occasion, we would like to once again thank our speakers for presenting!

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The GCP Meet-Up Shall Continue to Grow: New Members and Speakers Are Very Welcome

We are thrilled with the vibe and the energy generated by the exchange between the presenters and participants. If you would like to stay up to date, definitely join the meet-up group, where we also welcome active participation in between events. We also very much appreciate suggestions for topics and possible speakers, by either meet-up-message, by using the contact form on our website, or via email to one of your contacts here at nine. We would like to keep things exciting. We are already planning the activities for the next event. We will be very happy to see both old and new faces!

The next Google Cloud Meetup will take place on 19 May 2020 in Zurich City (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/meetup-group-OLNIaXmF/events/269206063/)


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