We are live: welcome, Nine Managed Google Kubernetes Engine

We are live: welcome, Nine Managed Google Kubernetes Engine

The grand opening of Google Cloud's Swiss location, our official partnership with Google and obtaining the certifications "Professional Cloud Architect" and "Professional Cloud Network Engineer" have paved the way for more innovation in the cloud and container technology sector. Now we are proud to present you with our latest managed container product based on Google's Kubernetes which will enable you to fully concentrate on your application.

What does nine's Managed Kubernetes Engine Product encompass in detail?

Out of the box, Google Kubernetes services already take a significant amount of work off your hands: thus, Google is responsible for installation, operation and management of the cluster and its underlying infrastructure. However, we are of the opinion that you should have the freedom to fully concentrate on your application. In this way, you do not need to worry about cluster administration, network and security configuration or how to incorporate cloud services into your business, and thus have enough leeway to focus on the important things. This is why we have developed our own services based on Google Kubernetes to make your life as easy as possible.

added-value-managed-google-kubernetesInfo graphic: Added value offered by nine managed GKE (copyright: nine)

Interested? Find more details on our GKE product page:

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Who is Nine Managed Kubernetes Engine (GKE) designed for?

Our new product is perfect for you if...

  • high availability and speed are crucial for your business when it comes to deploying new applications
  • a Swiss location is an important factor for you 
  • you would like to fully invest your IT resources into the continuous development and operation of your web application – and thus in value creation 
  • you want to concentrate on your core business without distractions
  • you would like to profit from the continuous development at nine and of the Google Cloud environment
We are going to continuously improve the product. Nine's additional features for the basic Google product have already been added to our roadmap which is constantly expanded – based on your needs.

Questions regarding container technology?
Answers can be found in our white paper.