08/05/2017 - Managed AWS News

nine Team May 7, 2017

What is new about AWS and what is interesting for Swiss customers this week?

#Price Reduction for Reserved Instances and a New Payment Model

In order to expand the various payment and administration options of Reserved Instances, AWS has introduced a new option according to their blog entry of 03rd May 2017.

Currently, customers can either settle their instances with an advance payment, balance them on a monthly basis or choose a mix of advance payment and monthly billing. The various models are available for 3 years, 1 year or without a specific time frame and differ in the amount of the discount.

In addition, there is now also the option of a billing for 3 years without prepayment, which guarantees a fixed price for a certain period of time to the Amazon EC2 users.

In addition to the new payment model, AWS has revised the prices of Reserved Instances and M4 instances. This is the 61st price reduction of AWS.

You can find the original message from AWS here.

#AWS CodeDeploy Is Now Available With Elastic Load Balancing

By integrating Elastic Load Balancing into AWS CodeDeploy, users now have greater control over the management and deployment of their EC2 instances.

Using a load balancer for the in-place implementations with AWS CodeDeploy, the incoming application traffic is distributed across multiple EC2 instances into various Availability Zones to increase the error tolerance of your applications.

This includes, among other things, that no traffic is forwarded to instances that are currently deployed or that all instances of a deployment group are taken offline together, to load the latest update and then get them online again.

You can find the original message from AWS here.

#Number of Simultaneous Versions With AWS Lambda Increased

The standard execution limit for simultaneous function executions in AWS Lambda was increased to 1’000. This applies to simultaneous execution of all functions in a specific region per account.

Simultaneous executions at AWS Lambda are the number of executions of a function code, which occur at a certain point in time and thus continue the parallelized serverless basic thought.

You can find the original message from AWS here.

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