Container Technology: nine Keeps Everything in Switzerland

Container Technology: nine Keeps Everything in Switzerland

Up to now, international hyperscalers in the finance and insurance sectors have been seen as a bit of a thorn in the flesh due to data security concerns. But we know from first-hand experience that companies within other sectors also wish for their applications, including all data, to remain in Switzerland. This is why our managed GKE product is designed in a way that ensures that none of the data leaves Switzerland at any time.  

Highly scalable, yet local? Google Cloud Platform Switzerland makes it possible!

In order to provide our services, we exclusively use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Region Zurich (europe-west-6). This means that all data processed and saved in Google’s data centre remain in Switzerland. To ensure this, we rely on GCP services which are provided locally in Zurich. They are, among others:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine, based on Google Compute Engine
  • Persistent Disk
  • Google Container Registry
  • Google Cloud SQL

Our Own Services  - Developed in Switzerland

Our own services, which are based on Google Kubernetes, such as

  • The implementation of the NGINX Ingress Controller with extended functionality
  • The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation which all operations are based on
  • An extended dashboard functionality based on the leading analytics & monitoring solution Grafana

were entirely developed by us in Switzerland and are maintained here as well.

Interested? Find more details on our GKE product page:

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Further Advantages of GCP Switzerland 

The fact that Google Cloud Platform has become physically closer brings great advantages for companies running their business within Switzerland. Some of them are: 

  • Hosting in the new region considerably improves any possible latencies
  • The location brings about new opportunities for hybrid architectures 
  • With three availability zones, the location is highly available 
  • The location offers everything needed for developing a good application: compute, storage space, security, and network services 

These prerequisites, paired with our own services, which we continually develop according to our clients’/prospective clients’ requests, mean that we are very well equipped to deal with our customers’ ever more complex application landscape  

Interested? Here you can find an overview of our GKE product. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Questions regarding container technology?
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