New Managed Cluster at

nine Team Oct 26, 2016

We have reworked and expanded our Managed Cluster and are looking forward to cater customers who are looking for a highly available cluster product with geo-redundancy.

The new Managed Cluster is especially suitable for customers for whom it is essential to have uninterrupted operation by virtue of the fact that the operation is independent of location. This means that any failure of an entire computer centre caused, for example, by a natural catastrophe will have no impact whatsoever on availability.

Sample Configuration Managed Cluster
Sample Configuration Managed Cluster

With the Managed Cluster, customers receive a mirrored server system (failover) at two spatially and temporally separated locations with a further dedicated quorum server for voting at a third location. The failover system is provided with multi-site virtual IP addresses.

In the Managed Cluster, networks are bundled using LACP in order to trap potential switch failures. In addition, announcing using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) on both distribution routers enables any potential failures to be averted without any problems. At both failover locations, all the independent routers are used so that a failover takes place at short notice – supported by the BGP mechanism with Bidirectional Forwarding Direction (BFD). With the Managed Cluster, we are therefore able to provide the best possible guarantee against failures.

A load balancer can be added as an option. This enables customers to receive a load-balanced setup at multiple locations. The integrated Varnish caching system helps to cache and deliver peak loads and consistent content quickly.

You can find further information on the new Managed Cluster from and the various possibilities on our website, by e-mail or by telephone. Our sales team look forward to hearing from you.