That was the TechTalkThursday on 2nd March 2017

nine Team Mar 2, 2017

Our first TechTalkThursday in 2017 yesterday made for a great start to this year’s TechTalkThursday series. On this occasion, two fascinating talks and a great number of interesting discussions were held in a relaxed atmosphere.

The evening kicked off with a talk given by Joshua Muheim and Daniele Corciulo from the Swiss foundation “Access for all” (German: “Zugang für alle”). The foundation is committed to the use of barrier-free technology that meets the needs of people with disabilities. Joshua and Daniele highlighted what has to be taken into account to ensure that digital media is accessible for all without barriers. Following this, Sebastian Nickel and Philippe Hässig gave a talk in which they reported on their experiences of container orchestration with OpenShift. The focus here was on OpenShift which, among other things, allows applications to be run in containers without the need for knowledge of Docker.

The evening concluded with pizza and beer. It is safe to say that we are excited about the future TechTalkThursdays to come this year. If you are interested in our TechTalkThursday, simply follow our group on Meetup. We would like to thank everyone for coming and we are already looking forward to the next event.

See you there…

TechTalkThursday on 02nd March 2017
TechTalkThursday on 02nd March 2017