What does it take to become a 9er?

Jasmine Schläfli Mar 6, 2016

As you’ve probably noticed, all 9ers are highly intelligent, ever so friendly – not to mention good-looking! If you meet these three criteria, send us your application!

But all joking aside… well, maybe not completely… fun is important at nine.ch. While we do take our work very seriously, it’s also very important to us that everyone at nine.ch enjoys their work. For the long-term success of a company, we believe it is important that all staff go about their daily work with pleasure and enthusiasm.

And speaking of enthusiasm, here at nine.ch we embrace open source technologies whenever possible. That said, we only place our confidence in a given technology once we fully understand all of the details and have attained a high level of familiarity with the solution. We follow market developments with great interest and are always testing new innovations to determine their suitability for nine.ch, so that our products are always up-to-date and secure. And if we find a technology to be unsuitable for use at nine.ch, our staff members are likely to follow suit when it comes to their own personal use. We’re geeks – and proud of it!

Partnership is another important word in the nine.ch vocabulary. We attach great importance to building a trusting, transparent partnership both among nine.ch employees and with our customers. We dedicate time to our customers’ concerns and use our team’s collective expertise to find long-term solutions. At the same time, we strive to help our customers evolve by offering them proactive, individual support. This requires nine.ch staff to be highly focused on the customer and exhibit a strong service-oriented mentality.

Therefore it’s very important that we get to know the attitude and personal values of a potential new employee. This is even more important to us than finding someone who has all the right skills and qualifications. The current team has an extensive range of expertise at its disposal, which is why we are happy to invest a bit of time providing new employees with any necessary technical training once we know this person is a good match, shares our values, and will be fully motivated in his or her work at nine.ch.

Some prior knowledge and skills are, of course, required. But if these are in place, we can concentrate on the person behind the CV during the application process. The first step is to set up a video conference with the applicant, giving both sides an opportunity to get to know each other.

If the initial talk goes well, we will be interested in finding out exactly what professional skills the person has to offer. At a small workshop at our office, we will invite the applicant to work with our team on solving the types of problems we encounter on a daily basis. This serves another important purpose for us, namely that the applicant’s potential new colleagues also have an opportunity to get to know them and express their opinion concerning their suitability for the position.

If there are still any uncertainties for either party after this intense workshop, we also offer the possibility of a trial period.

By the end, it should be clear whether there will be a new addition to the nine.ch team! Right after the ink has dried on the freshly signed contract, we’ll announce the good news at the weekly nine.ch staff meeting and get started right away with preparations for a detailed induction. We should also mention that one of the first tasks of the newly minted team member – and a long-standing tradition – is to organise a welcome event with drinks. In our experience, this is the best way to get to know your new nine.ch family. :)

Jasmine Schläfli works as Head of HR & Executive Assistant at nine.ch. Besides other tasks she is responsible for the recruiting and is the first contact for applicants and new team members.