Case Study Pupil - Swiss Kubernetes Engine for school management


«Nine is the ideal partner and impresses with its expertise, competence, reliability and exceptionally strong support, offering us an all-round successful solution that is convincing from A to Z.»

Lukas Lehmann Co-Founder Pupil AG

Nine operates the reliable and stable infrastructure for PUPIL, an all-in-one solution for digital school management, based on its own Nine Kubernetes Engine (NKE), so that Pupil AG can focus on its core business.


The challenge

As part of the modernisation of its platform, Pupil AG was looking for a reliable partner and Swiss hosting company that complies with data protection regulations in this country and knows its way around Kubernetes. Pupil's requirements for Kubernetes were very complex, which is why a competent and experienced partner was required.

The solution

Nine stood out from the pool of hosters due to its own expertise and Kubernetes experience. This is why Pupil AG also opted for the Nine Kubernetes Engine – including the managed database services. The premium SLA was also added to guarantee 24/7 uptime. Thanks to Nine, PUPIL now runs flawlessly on a data protection-compliant Swiss Kubernetes Engine.

The result 

After various meetings in which the Pupil architecture and its settings were examined in detail, it became clear to Pupil AG that Nine was the perfect partner for the platform update. The in-depth knowledge of Kubernetes, databases and Linux, comprehensive advice and convincing support left nothing to be desired. 




Pupil AG offers comprehensive school management software that provides an all-in-one solution for school administration, assessments, support planning and communication with parents. With over 45 modules, PUPIL enables centralized data management that can be accessed by the school administration, school maintenance, school authorities and teachers.

Industry: Software & Internet

The expertise and experience of Nine, coupled with the reliability of the services and the Kubernetes and database professionals, convinced Pupil AG to rely on Nine products and services for its modernisation.




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