Architecture Assessment

Get an overview of the areas of your IT infrastructure
where there is room for improvement.

The Architecture Assessment from nine is an effectiveness analysis whereby we review, analyse and evaluate your current IT situation with regard to various aspects. We provide an outside perspective on your local or AWS based system architecture and offer various possibilities for optimisation.

The Architecture Assessment
by nine includes:


Your current IT-setup

Detailed insights into your company's technological status - and a straightforward outline of what these results actually mean.


Your optimised IT-setup

A list of recommended improvements - and a breakdown of how we can implement these improvements for you.

How effective is your IT setup?




The effectiveness of your company's IT setup is key. This effectiveness should therefore be reviewed on a regular basis.

A risk management assessment, taking into account possible scenarios in the event of a system failure, can be just as crucial as, for example, information on diminished performance, long loading times or vulnerability to DDoS and security attacks.

How healthy and secure is your IT architecture?

In order to be able to review and evaluate this, we look at your IT architecture from two perspectives, based on worst-case scenarios: how does your setup react in the event of a system failure and how secure is it against external influences? We make no difference whether you operate your architecture locally or at AWS.

  • Health of your architecture:
    A healthy IT architecture enables a company to continue to do business without limitations - even after a catastrophic event. Since this also applies to
    your IT setup, we check your entire infrastructure for general warning signs, potential single points of failure, geographic redundancy and backup of data.
    Thanks to our findings, we can tell you precisely how your IT architecture would react in particular situations and how the objectives set with regard to
    the application can be achieved.
  • Security of your architecture: 
    It is often not until a situation arises which depends on security and security reviews of IT architectures that companies prioritise these areas. And it is then
    often already too late to take action independently - all you can do is react. To enable you to take measures at an early stage, we analyse your IT setup to identify potential vulnerabilities in the event of denial of service (DDoS) attacks, check the firewall protection of your servers and analyse your
    processes for security gaps which could have disastrous consequences. Based on this information, we can establish exactly how resilient your IT
    architecture is.

We guide you on the path to progress!

Based on our findings on the prospects for your architecture, we draw up a list of potential threats and a detailed explanation of the risks associated with
these. To ensure that you are able to eliminate these risks as much as possible and avoid them in the future, we give you recommendations on how to optimise your architecture.

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