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You already know that the future of your company's IT setup lies in running as many services as possible within a cloud computing architecture. But is your IT setup actually ready for migration to the cloud? With the Cloud Readiness Assessment from nine, we review, analyse and evaluate your current IT situation and offer various improvements so that you can navigate
your setup safely through the cloud.

The Cloud Readiness Assessment
from nine includes:


Condition analysis of your architecture

Detailed insights into, and a straightforward explanation of your company's technological status and whether migration of your architecture and software to the cloud would be possible without any complications.


Preparation for the cloud

Valuable recommendations on how best to prepare your IT setup for the cloud and how to approach this in a process-oriented way.

Is your IT setup cloud-ready?

If you want to ensure that your company's IT setup has unlimited growth potential for the future and that you are also able to benefit from a high degree of flexibility, consider architecture migration. Making a smooth transition means being able simply to move your existing setup into a cloud computing environment.

To ensure a smooth transition and the best possible start in the cloud, we analyse your existing IT setup based on various aspects.


Here, our focus is on two essential components - the cloud readiness and cloud automation of your application.

  • Cloud Readiness: We analyse your company's current IT structure to establish whether equivalent cloud applications already exist or whether customer-specific development is required.
  • Cloud Automation: We look for areas in which you can control your services automatically. This allows you to scale these services easily and makes it possible for them to communicate with each other without human intervention.

We tell you how ready your setup is for the cloud and advise you on the optimisation possibilities available to you to ensure a soft landing for your IT setup in the cloud.

We support you on your journey to the cloud!




With our Cloud Readiness Assessment, you get an expert evaluation of your IT architecture from an external perspective. We outline the findings from our analysis for you in a detailed report.

To allow you to properly evaluate and implement these findings, we provide recommendations and suggestions for optimisation. The cloud's the limit!

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