DevOps Readiness Assessment

Shorten your release cycles.

Short release cycles are crucial. For you, for your company, and above all for your product. However, your internal processes are often unfortunately slow and stolid, making an agile approach impossible. But what if you could improve your internal processes - with an approach that allows more effective and efficient cooperation between development and operations?

The DevOps Readiness Assessment
from nine includes:



An in-depth examination and detailed description of the status of your internal processes.



Valuable suggestions on how you can optimise these processes and make adaptations easily.

How can you shorten your release cycles?




Using the DevOps approach, we help you to review your internal processes and identify sources of error.

We analyse your development processes and release cycles with you and examine opportunities for automation. We summarise our findings for you and make recommendations for improvement based on these factors.

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Shorten your release cycles!

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