Manage Your Databases on the Command Line with nine-manage-databases

nine Team Mar 1, 2016

Our customers can manage and view many aspects of their products in the Cockpit. But there are some tasks which cannot be done in the cockpit for security reasons or technical restrictions. Managing databases is one example. Database management systems (DBMS) like MySQL or PostgreSQL run directly on our customers’ servers where they are managed by the operations team.

Until now our customers had to use SQL or contact our support when they needed a new database or a new database user.

Today we present a new command line tool which enables our customers to manage databases themselves.

nine-manage-databases is now installed on all our Managed (V)Servers. It allows you to manage MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and users. For example when you need a new database, log in to your server via SSH and run the following command:

user@ubuntu:~/$ sudo nine-manage-databases database create nmd_wordpress
The Database nmd_wordpress has successfully been created.
| Username      | Password         |
| nmd_wordpress | 3HAJCKUyvRArrlUp |

There is now a new database called nmd_wordpress and a new user with the same name. The password was generated automatically.

nine-manage-databases will be installed on new Managed (V)Servers with Managed Service MySQL or PostgreSQL as per default. If you want to use nine-manage-databases on your existing Managed (V)Server, please send an email to our support.

It goes without saying that you can still contact our support team with all your questions. Just call us (+41 44 637 40 00) or send an e-mail to