Welcome, Sunrise!

nine Team Jan 18, 2016

The nine.ch network is the backbone of all services provided by nine.ch and is essential for ensuring the availability of our services. To increase this availability and further enhance performance, we have spent several months since August 2015 implementing various changes.

Our aim was to make all of our data centre sites completely independent of one another through the installation of individual core routers. This enables each site to maintain a connection to the internet even in the event of a total failure of the redundant connections between the core routers. We also wanted to keep periods of latency to a minimum, ensure quick page loading times for our customers and establish a redundant connection to the Swiss Internet Exchange (SwissIX).

We evaluated two additional transit providers and brought extra connections to Sunrise and NTS into operation. When selecting the providers, we prioritised their internet connectivity. One essential condition was that a different transit path to those currently used by nine.ch was used for the connections in order to guarantee redundancy.

Furthermore, we doubled the bandwidth of our connection to SwissIX to 20 Gbit/s. After expanding our transit and peering capabilities and connection with SwissIX, nine.ch now has a 70 Gbit/s inbound and outbound internet connection, resulting in even faster outbound traffic and enhanced national and international connectivity. Fewer jumps in Switzerland, Europe and overseas makes it even faster to access various apps and websites.

As part of the next stage of development, we will alter the way in which the network is segmented, so that each core router only connects the part of the network for which it is responsible. In the event of a connection failure between the core routers, access will continue to be autonomously guaranteed for customers.

All of these measures bring us a major step closer to achieving our aim of providing the highest level of redundancy and optimal autonomy.

Sandro Bolliger works as Network Engineer and Deputy Head of Datacenters at nine.ch. Together with the team he ensures the network availability of the complete nine.ch infrastructure.