Content: Become a 9er

Want to become a 9er?




Glad to hear it! But what does it take to be a 9er?
This can best be described with the following keywords:


All 9ers are passionate about what they do and have fun carrying out their tasks at


We are geeks and love to get to the bottom of things - we are interested in details!


We want to achieve our ambitious goals in a spirit of trusting and transparent cooperation.

As a 9er you will face challenges every day, because we know where we want to go and have ambitious goals.

We are thus looking for people


...who are looking for challenges that help them grow


...who are eager to accomplish extraordinary things


...who measure their performance on the basis of their results

At the same time, we have high expectations of ourselves as an employer and make a real effort to ensure that the entire family thrives. But why not check it out yourself?

Our current vacancies:

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