Managed Kubernetes: Container technology
as a service

Your managed Kubernetes cluster includes a selection
of fully managed software, giving you everything you
need to run your applications in production

We don’t just manage your Kubernetes cluster, we provide a fully maintained software stack of open source industry standard tools which provide everything you need to run your containers in production. This will allow you to keep your focus on your application.

Tom Whiston Platform Team Leader Nine Internet Solutions

Advantages at a glance:

Fully managed

Fully managed cluster and software stack backed by an SLA

Highly resilient

Monthly uptime percentages - nodes: 99.99%, control plane: 99.95%, Nine services: 99.5 %

Safe and secure

Ensured data residency in Switzerland / identity management provided by Nine

Scalable worldwide

Scale out to the world, if there’s a Google data centre there our product is, too!

Intelligent scaling

Scale your application in an event driven way, we provide KEDA as standard for intelligent scaling functionality

Industry standards

The software stack we provide alongside your cluster consists of industry standard tools which we know inside out

No vendor lock-in

The software we provide is fully open source and portable

Additional service options

Access to and integration of additional Google Cloud Platform services

Product & areas of application

Managed GKE is for customers who want to run their containers in a production ready environment without the overhead of administering a cluster or running the ancillary services which enable you to get the most out of Kubernetes.

At Nine we know that having a bulletproof, production ready Kubernetes environment is not just about managing a cluster. It’s about providing monitoring, logging, backups, continuous deployment and all the other tools and services which you need to be confident that your application is working as intended.

Nine’s unique Kubernetes offering provides you with industry standard software and offers an end-to-end Kubernetes experience, supported by a knowledgeable and accredited team, and all backed by an SLA.

We offer additional application monitoring allowing you to integrate your application with Prometheus and Grafana, giving you insight into your application performance and allowing you to create alerts.


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Technical details

Based on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), our managed
Kubernetes product allows you the full flexibility of Google
Cloud Platform. Your cluster can run in any region that Google
offers, and you can use any variety of Google’s virtual machines to create workload specific node pools. We integrate other GCP services into your cluster, making it easy for you to use Cloud SQL, Bigtable or any other service you may need for your application.

Nine’s software stack runs on a node pool which is fully isolated
from your application, giving you all the compute power you pay
for, and ensuring your applications' security and stability. We fully manage all the software that we provide, ensuring that it is kept
up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes. We
monitor the software stack 24x7 to ensure that it is always
working when you need it.

Nine’s included software stack is fully open source and we use industry standard tools:

• Continuous Deployment - ArgoCD

• Certificate Management - Cert Manager (Let’s Encrypt)

• Event-Driven Autoscaling - KEDA

• Helm Chart Storage - Chart Museum

• Ingress - Nginx

• Cluster Visibility - Kubernetes Dashboard

• Cluster Monitoring
→ Grafana
→ Prometheus
→ AlertManager

• Cluster and Config Backup - Velero

Our specialists all hold Certified Kubernetes Administrator and/or Google Cloud Professional Architect certifications and use
the same tools which we offer to you every day. If you need help, from writing a correct configuration to a complete audit of
your cluster, we are there for you and can enable you to get the most from Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform.




25% of your overall monthly Google Cloud Platform invoice or a minimum of 450 CHF / month.

Nine managed GKE


Fully managed Kubernetes cluster


Additional suite of software and tools to give you
a production ready end-to-end experience


Fully certified team of experts supporting and enabling you




Integrated with GCP products and services



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