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Have you founded a company? Then you are in the right place!

Startup-Scaleup is our startup hosting program which offers startups a flexible, performing and scalable platform

Consulting and optimization through our system engineers and developers, a reduced price and a fully managed platform support you in the initial time of your startup and allow you to fully focus on the further development of your company. We’ve got your hosting covered!


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Financial Support

With a discount for a total duration of 18 months, you have many opportunities to develop.

01 - 06 months: 50% reduction
07 - 12 months: 37.5% reduction
12 - 18 months: 25% reduction


Requirements can change very fast, especially at the start of your new business. Therefore we do not charge any setup fees for new servers in order to give you full flexibility.

Consulting and Optimization

During the setup we provide you with consulting with regards to the best setup and the usage of various technologies to reach a maximum of stability and performance. After 3 months we are tweaking your setup and provide another round of consulting (e.g. performance analysis, database optimization, etc.). Of course for free.

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More than hosting - Philipp Koch, CEO of, offers optional coaching for additional topics beyond the operation of your web application.

Lightning Speed

No company is as fast and dynamic as a startup. In order to fully leverage this flexibility you need a partner that is as dynamic as you. With us, you get quick reaction times, a fast delivery of new servers and short response times.

Managed Server

Thanks to an easy scalability, 24/7 availability, full server management and personal support through our specialists you can fully focus on your core business.


The number of Startup-Scaleup packages is limited and decides according to various criteria about the allocation. The offer only includes Managed Server products. has the right to change the terms and conditions at all times.


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Suitable Products


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Managed VServer


The virtual server with comprehensive server management and maximum flexibility provides scalability according to customer requirements.

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Managed Server


The dedicated server with comprehensive server management for all applications which requiring a high performance.

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Managed Cluster


The redundant and scalable platform with high availability guarantees failure safety, comprehensive server management and 24/7 monitoring.

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Managed Amazon Cloud


With the benefits of the Managed Amazon Cloud (AWS) and the administration by, you can focus entirely on developing your application. 

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