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Focus on your service and leave server management to our experts

The virtual server with comprehensive server management and maximum flexibility in Zürich



Our VServer offers maximum flexibility, and performance can be quickly modified to meet your needs.



By allowing to manage your server systems, you can focus on your services.


The server systems are monitored 24/7 to detect and resolve problems early on, and thus prevent system interruptions.


Includes support from our team of more than 20 technicians.



We perform a daily back-up of your data and guarantee secure and uncomplicated recovery.


With the option Cert+ we are running your server in an ISO 27001 certified and FINMA compliant datacentre.

Managed VServer Products


  V3 V12 V24 V48 V96
Monthly fees 159.- 260.- 370.- 590.- 870.-
Setup fee 159.- 159.- 159.- 159.- 159.-
Number of virtual CPUs (VCPUs) 4 6 8 10 12
RAM  3 GB 12 GB 24 GB 48 GB 96 GB
Storage space 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Max. storage 300 GB 400 GB 600 GB 1.3 TB 2.7 TB
Type of virtualization Full virtualization 

Complete virtualization allows each virtual server to be operated separately from all other servers, delivering exactly the desired volume of RAM and CPU performance.


In compliance with the Fair Usage clause of the Terms & Conditions.

1 Gbps / 100 Mbps CDR 95%

Committed data rate (CDR) with 95 percentile rule: At 100 Mbps on a gigabit port, you may at times be able to attain traffic speeds of up to 1 gigabit/second. However, 95 % of the time the speed will be below the purchased rate of 100 Mbps. The traffic graphs ensure you are always able to keep track of your traffic quota.

Network availability 99.9 %
Server maintenance ico_tick.png
24/7 monitoring ico_tick.png
Backup (daily, off-site) 

For at least 7 days.

Firewall ico_tick.png
Email storage 

Unlimited domains. Use of standard Email infrastructure, meaning you do not need to run your own dedicated Email platform. The storage volume is per customer, regardless of the number of products.

10 GB included (unlimited domains)

We are running your server in an ISO 27001 certified and FINMA compliant datacentre. Please note that it is, therefore, not possible to add or remove this option later on.

Optional (additional CHF 60.- / month)
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Basic included
Dedicated IP address ico_tick.png
Statistics graphs ico_tick.png
Operating system Ubuntu LTS 14.04
24/7 stand-by service ico_tick.png
Support Personal contact person
Server location Zurich, Switzerland

Prices in CHF, not including VAT


Options Close
Description Monthly  Setup fee
For each additional 100 GB storage 20.- -
For each additional 10 GB Email storage 20.- -
For each additional IPv4 address 

We recommend a dedicated subnet if you have four or more IP addresses.

5.- -
Dedicated /28 subnet with 11 available IPv4 addresses 

Larger subnets are available on request for an additional fee.

50.- 90.-
CO2-neutral operations 

Complete offsetting of CO2 emissions.

5.- -
Green energy 

Operation with energy sourced from environmentally friendly hydropower.

10.- -
SSL certificate 

Trustworthiness is one of the most important criteria for doing business on the Internet. SSL certificates allow your domain to be accessed via https, and data transfer is encrypted.

Our pricing structure for SSL certificates, including setup:

SSL certificate (2 years) 139.-
EV-SSL certificate (2 years) 649.-
Multi-domain certificate (2 years, 3 domains. Per additional domain CHF 99.-) 399.-
Wildcard certificate (2 years) 379.-
Installing your own certificate 80.-

Prices in CHF, not including VAT

- optional
Managed Services Close

A managed service is a service that is operated and maintained by, such as a database or application server. This includes installation, configuration, updates, monitoring as well as backup of the service. These practices ensure stable operations. The base price for each server includes one simple and one complex service.


Simple Services (includes one service per server) Close
Service Monthly price
Apache with PHP 30.-
Apache with Phusion Passenger (Ruby) 30.-
Apache with Python WSGI 30.-
IPsec 30.-
Memcached 0.-
New Relic 0.-
NFS 30.-
Nginx (without PHP) 30.-
Nginx with UWSGI 30.-
Node.js 0.-
OpenVPN 30.-
RabbitMQ 30.-
Redis 30.-
Varnish 30.-
Complex Services (includes one service per server) Close
Service Remarks Monthly price
FTP Requires Apache or Nginx 0.-
MySQL Optional: phpMyAdmin, requires Apache 60.-
MongoDB   90.-
PostgreSQL Optional: phpPgAdmin, requires Apache 60.-
Shibboleth   60.-
Solr   60.-
Tomcat 6   60.-

Prices in CHF, not including VAT


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