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  • No more certificates with a duration of 5 years

    06.03.2015 by Jason Fellmann

    Starting 1 April 2015, certificate authorities will no longer offer SSL certificates with a duration of 5 years but only with a maximum of 39 months. Hence, we are adjusting our SSL offers with immediate effect and do no longer issue certificates with a 5 year duration. Nevertheless, we are still offering the following certificates:

    - SSL certificate (2 years)
    - EV-SSL certificate (2 years)
    - Multi-domain certificate (2 years, 3 domains)
    - Wildcard certificate (2 years)

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  • Additional Datacenter and ISO 27001 Certification

    29.01.2015 by Roman Dähler

    We are constantly working on various projects to further increase the security of our products. Due to a rising interest we don’t want to wait any longer and provide you with additional information on two important projects.

    We are going to offer our Managed Server products and Colocation Full-Racks in an additional datacenter from the second quarter 2015. The new datacenter is ISO 27001 certified and fulfills the outsourcing regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA) for Switzerland. This not only allows the hosting of applications with increased requirements towards security but also offers the possibility to create multi-site solutions over two highly-available locations. The new datacenter is in the immediate vicinity of the city of Zurich, however, is located in a natural terrain unit that is outside the flood area of the rivers Sihl and Limmat.

    We are going to publish additional information on the new datacenter and the specific products as soon as we have elaborated all the details. Please send us an email to if you would like to get informed directly.

    Additionally, we are currently making preparations for the ISO 27001-certification and are planning a certification in the fourth quarter 2015. This is going to allow us to offer products that are fully covered by an ISO 27001-certification (datacenter and service) which not only increases the security but also facilitates potential audits for our clients substantially.

    Please do not hesitate to contacting us if you have any further questions (+41 44 637 40 00 or

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  • New degausser at

    23.01.2015 by Roman Dähler

    Dear customers

    Security and ecology enjoy highest priority at Our new degausser not only allows us to erase all data on hard disks that are no longer used or defect but also ensures that these disks can be recycled very easily. Our degausser deletes all data on magnetic disks with a strong magnetic field of 8300 Gauss without destroying the hard disks physically. Due to this reason, the hard disks can later be disassembled and properly recycled.

    As a customer you are not only going to benefit with your product. As an additional service you may also send or bring your own hard disks to our office and we are going to erase all the data and dispose of the disks professionally and free of charge.

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  • Tajno Schönenberger joins the company

    19.01.2015 by Roman Dähler

    We are very pleased to welcome Tajno Schönenberger to the team. 

    From today on Tajno Schönenberger is going to strengthen the customer support in the operations team as a Linux Operations Engineer.

    The team wishes a good start and lots of success!

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  • Sebastian Nickel joins the company

    05.01.2015 by Jason Fellmann

    We are pleased to start the new year with Sebastian Nickel as a new employee. 

    Sebastian Nickel supports the Systems team as a Senior Linux System Engineer. 

    The team wishes him a good start and lots of success! 

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  • Customer Survey 2014: Very high level of satisfaction with

    16.12.2014 by Roman Dähler

    It’s Christmas already at In November 2014, we conducted for the first time a large-scale customer survey and are very pleased with the positive result, great satisfaction and high level of trust of our customers. Thanks a lot!

    249 customers from all product categories are on average satisfied to very satisfied with (average 4.5 on a scale from 1 = very dissatisfied to 5 = very satisfied). Our customers particularly value our support and service, stability / availability of our products and the speed of service.

    We are very pleased by the excellent result. This motivates us even more to continually improve our service and offerings in 2015.

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  • Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS for new orders only available until 31 December 2014

    02.12.2014 by Roman Dähler

    As mentioned in our communication from 31 July 2014, our Managed Servers can only be ordered with Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, code name Precise Pangolin, until 31 December 2014. As of 01 January 2015, all orders for Managed Servers are being delivered by default with Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, code name Trusty Tahr. This comes with the advantage of getting a server with the latest operating system version that is going to be supported until April 2019. In addition, you will also benefit from the most current Managed Services versions such as PHP 5.5. More information on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS can be found in the communication from 31 July 2014.

    If you have a Managed Server with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS at the moment and would like to change to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS already, you can simply do so by ordering a new server. With the one-time setup fee you also get two weeks parallel operation to migrate your data.

    Order your new server running Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS now.


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  • New Support Page

    18.11.2014 by Jason Fellmann

    We are very happy to announce our brand new support website which is available with immediate effect. The intuitive search functionality ensures that you find the right answer to your questions even faster. Additionally, you can find the most read articles per category on the landing page.

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  • Price adjustment IP-KVM

    13.11.2014 by Roman Dähler

    The price for the IP-KVM is being adjusted from CHF 45.00 to CHF 90.00 and takes effect immediately. Thank you for your understanding. (IP-KVM lets your screen, keyboard and mouse be controlled remotely. Cost for single 6-hour session).

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  • Event Review: DEV DAY 06 November 2014

    10.11.2014 by Roman Dähler already organised the DEV DAY for the second time in 2014. With a new location but proven concept we enjoyed a succesful afternoon with three interesting presentations and lively discussions.

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  • DEV DAY on 06 November 2014

    04.11.2014 by Roman Dähler

    Our DEV DAY is going to be held in German, please refer to the German news.

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  • Price adjustments SSD & IP addresses

    03.11.2014 by Jason Fellmann

    Improved buying conditions led to lower prices for our Enterprise SSDs. We would like our customers to benefit from this and are reducing the SSD prices for new orders by half (starting from 01 November 2014).

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  • Reto Herrmann and Roman Plessl join the company

    03.11.2014 by Jason Fellmann

    With pleasure we welcome the two new team members Reto Herrmann and Roman Plessl at

    Reto Herrmann starts as Head of Datacenters and Roman Plessl strengthens the systems team as a Senior Linux System Engineer. wishes them both a good start and lots of success.

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  • Encrypted connection to Swissjabber

    17.10.2014 by Roman Dähler disabled the use of SSLv3 in all Swissjabber domains as a result of the Poodle vulnerability on Thursday, 16 October 2014 .

    On Tuesday, 28 October 2014 we will go one step further and will require a client-to-server encryption and server-to-server encryption.

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  • SSLv3 (Poodle) Vulnerability

    16.10.2014 by Roman Dähler

    Researchers from Google published this week [2] that it is possible to force a fallback to SSLv3 by manipulation of the SSL/TLS connection setup. Due to the out-dated and insecure protocol SSLv3, encrypted data can then be read [1].

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