Recruting Process @nine

We are looking for young talents, experienced professionals, specialists or motivated career changers.

what matters is that you suit nine and nine suits you!

That’s why you should not expect an ordinary recruiting process with us:
We take time to get to know you as a person and to introduce you to the world of nine.


First interview

During the first video call, we will find out together whether nine and you suit each other and whether this is the right position for you.

Our advice

Be honest and be yourself! Rather than looking for the best “self-promoters”, we want to fill the position in such a way that both sides are happy with it in the long term.



Let’s get down to business! Several team members have prepared a few professional challenges you may encounter in your daily work.

Our advice

Take the opportunity to ask your future teammates questions about their everyday work.

final interview

Final interview

Ideally, we already have an offer waiting for you and can start planning your future as a 9er together with you!

Our advice

What matters most for us also during this step of the process is openness and transparency.

Our current vacancies

We are looking for you