nine Managed GKE updates March 2020

Cyrill Troxler Mär 31, 2020

We updated some components and also enabled new features for nine Managed GKE. Please find the details below.

Component updates

Argo CD

We updated Argo CD to version 1.4.2. As we updated directly from version 1.2.5 to 1.4.2, here are some of the new features (also from version 1.3.x). There have also been many bugs fixed between 1.2.5 and 1.4.2.

First class helm support

In the previous Argo CD version, the desired helm chart had to be in a git repository. If you wanted to use an upstream helm chart, you first had to create a new chart in a git repo which uses the upstream one as a child chart. Beginning with Argo CD version 1.3 you can now directly use upstream helm charts. Helm repositories can be added the same way as git repositories.

Argo CD also does support most of the helm hooks and you can use semantic versioning for helm charts now (for example: specify v1.5.* to match the latest 1.5 version).

Credential templates

If you setup all of your configuration repositories under a certain path (like you can now define credentials to be used as a template for all sub repositories (for example This way you do not have to define credentials for all the sub configuration repositories. Please see the documentation on further details.


Argo CD does not fork/exec kubectl anymore in the background which should result in better performance.

Improved resource tree view

Argo CD made some UI improvements in the applications detail page. They now fit more resources onto the screen.


Argo CD version 1.5 release candidate was just released. The new version will provide support for helm 3. We will keep you posted once we updated to the new version.

Kubernetes 1.14

We have upgraded all GKE clusters to the latest stable version 1.14. This release primarily contains improvements for the cluster operator. Most notably for users is the integration of kustomize within kubectl. See the release notes for all the details.


We have upgraded our backup service which is using Velero to the latest version v1.3.1. This update mostly contains bug fixes to make the backup more complete and reliable.

New Features

Nginx Ingress Caching

The nginx ingress now allows customers to cache resources from ingresses based on nginx’s proxy cache functionality. This is especially useful for static content, for example. For details and usage see our support pages.


We officially introduce our new Filestore module as the primary NFS solution for nine Managed GKE. The now deprecated nine NFS solution will be still available for now. However, we strongly recommend not using the nine NFS other than developmemt purposes as Filestore is more stable and will have a SLA in the future. For details and usage, visit our support page.

Sealed Secrets

With Sealed Secrets you can encrypt your Kubernetes Secrets so you can store them in git without any worries. You can generate your encrypted Sealed Secrets using runway. The Secrets are encrypted locally in your browser without leaving your machine. For more information and usage, visit our support article.

Cyrill Troxler

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