Managed Container Platform

Add dynamism to your application and get new products to your customers faster.

The demands placed on a modern online platform increasingly require shorter release cycles in order to get new features and improvements to customers faster. In order to make the most of the advantages of 
container technology, you need a platform that supports deployments and processes.

Challenges faced by our customers with Docker


Short release cycles

As the market is undergoing very rapid and frequent change, companies with a digital business model have to be able to adapt quickly and get new products and features to their customers. In order to do that, it needs short release cycles. To ensure that these can be implemented, agile technology and clean processes are required which take a lot of time to develop. Often this is time you do not have.

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We know how important short release cycles are for you. So that we can tailor the ideal container solution for you, it is important to us that we get to know you. We are interested in how your application works, what your requirements and objectives are and how your business model and processes are structured. Based on our common understanding, we build your bespoke solution. We also provide you with our tools and infrastructure to ensure optimum processes.



Your application should be equipped for every situation (for example, temporarily increased visitor numbers), and should be easily and, ideally, automatically scalable up or down. Read more

The Auto Scaling option of your Managed Container Platform supports you together with the know-how of our engineers. Auto Scaling enables easy scaling of your application at any time, and we know what matters when it comes to your setup. Since we know your requirements, we configure all of the details for you, ensuring that the size of your platform (and application) are scaled according to the number of visitors and that neither too many nor too few resources are used.



You can find plenty of information on Docker, but there is no easy answer when it comes to putting your applications into productive operation. It is therefore difficult to verify whether you have taken every option into account in the configuration in order to ensure that your solution works properly. And, of course, you only want to pay for the resources that you actually use.

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Since we support you with the migration and containerisation of your application, we not only use the right resources, but can also put these in place correctly thanks to the "Auto Scaling" option. This ensures that you only pay for what you actually use and that you have a clear overview of your costs at all times.


In order to become aware of problems with your application in the container, you have to monitor both the application and the underlying infrastructure, as you are not informed automatically in the event of problems. This increases the risk that your application stops working properly or, at worst, that it is unavailable for extended periods.

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Our aim is to make sure that problems do not arise in the first place. This is the job of our experienced engineers. Nevertheless, should anything not be working as required, we respond immediately. Thanks to our proactive 24/7 monitoring, we are able to monitor your container and application constantly. Our engineers are alerted instantly in the event of problems and can take action immediately.

Containers change the way you develop and run your software

Since, unlike a virtual machine, a container does not have its own kernel, it is much more slimline and can therefore be run more flexibly. A container image is a stand-alone package which includes code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings, in which software always runs the same - regardless of the environment in which a container is run.

Thanks to this independence, conflicts in the development, testing and production environment, as well as between teams with different technologies, are reduced considerably. Thanks to the use of microservices, problems can be rectified immediately in the individual applications without having to change the entire setup.

Microservices are stand-alone, technically defined applications that can run in containers. They can be developed, released and run independently of each other and communicate with each other depending on the architecture type. As executable programmes, microservices enable smooth running, e.g. by starting an HTTP server or reserving a port, because they perform defined tasks independently and in isolation.

And how can nine support you?

By taking care of every aspect of application management for you!


We guide you ...

... towards the ideal application. That's why we want to get to know you, your application, business and processes inside out and in all their facets.


We make sure...

... that your application is running smoothly around the clock and delivering unbeatable performance.


We develop...

... your personal deployment strategy with you so that you can get new functions and features to your customers faster.


We advise you...

... on how to optimise your development processes with the DevOps philosophy and the relevant support tools so that you can work with modern and agile development methods.

Get in touch and make your software development faster and more flexible with nine and Docker.

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