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Cloudservers are virtual instances which offer a high degree of flexibility. There is no resource limit with the underlying architecture and for this reason Cloudservers can be scaled easily without loss of performance. With root access, customers can use their own Cloudserver infrastructure according to their needs.

Important issues for our customers
in relation to cloud servers


Super fast and
super easy

When a customer is interested in a Cloudserver, he/she wants a server that is ready and that can be used immediately. Other important factors are easy scalability, high performance and a straightforward setup.

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For unbeatable speed, we have built our cloud with NVMe
instead of basic SSDs, and have thereby created what is
probably one of the fastest public clouds in Switzerland. Our cloud runs exclusively on servers in our Swiss data centres. For unlimited flexibility, not only do you access your Cloudserver via root access, you can also set it up in our nine Cockpit in under a minute with your desired Linux operating system and scale it easily to any available Cloudserver size according to your needs.


Super transparent and
super customer-friendly

In addition to all of the technical details, customers want to know exactly what kind of (Cloudserver) product they are using, what costs they are incurring and how well the product is running. However, since everything has been arranged online, there are concerns with regard to the transparency and traceability of this arrangement.

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We dispel these concerns - because our Cloudservers give you transparency through and through. The monthly price of a Cloudserver covers everything - including setup fees and unlimited traffic up to 1 Gbps (traffic usage according to Fair Usage clause). Billing is by the hour and costs are invoiced on a monthly basis. The minimum contract term of a Cloudserver is 1 hour. What's more, you can manage your Cloudserver yourself in our nine Cockpit, analyse server operations with various graphics and access all of your invoices.

Cloudserver instances

Monthly costs
CHF 11.-
CHF 22.-
CHF 44.-
CHF 88.-
CHF 176.-
1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
8 GB
16 GB
​10 GB SSD with NVMe
Add. Space
CHF 10.- /monthly per 50 GB SSD

Prices in CHF excl. VAT.
nine cloud servers are located in Switzerland.

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