Logo is the leading online comparison portal in Switzerland. Here you can easily and quickly compare offers and services of health insurance funds, insurance companies, banks, telephone companies, real estate, cars, motorbikes and online shops.




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On the save side with the Managed Cluster AG started up 20 years ago with a health insurance fund comparison and gradually added other areas. The introduction of a price / product comparison seemed logical because everything could be compared until then on – except online shops and their products.

The emergence of the new price comparison, with which users can compare different products from various online shops and be redirected right to the desired online shop, was a result of continuing development measures and customer requests.

As with the previous comparis websites, the idea was that customers should be able to rely on the product at all times. We thus had to ensure that the platform functions problem-free and remain highly available and redundant at all times, even given very high visitor numbers.

Our implementation

In addition to meeting its individual expectations, such as uninterrupted operation, low downtime and proactive communication, the Managed Cluster allows to focus on their service, while nine takes care of managing the servers. 

With a Managed Cluster in the standard version, a redundant load balancer generally evenly distributes the requests between two web servers, which in turn share one database server. Thanks to the load balancer, additional web servers can if needed – for example, when more website visitors are expected – quite easily be integrated into the system. The Managed Cluster can thus be individually customised and tailored to suit the respective customer. With the server location in Zurich and the personal support provided, the service is a very safe bet all around. is thus also capable, together with the already existing back-end solution in Basel and the additional server environment in Zurich, of addressing the needs of users regarding the price comparison – with scalability, high availability and 24/7 monitoring of their personal Managed Cluster by nine. AG

The collaboration with nine and the operation of the servers is functioning smoothly, and support requests were and are being solved without delay. Communication about new products or new versions is also working fine – so we are always kept informed of any changes.

Robert de Heer Head of Product Development Classifieds AG

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