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Doodle is a free online service that helps to generate meeting polls. Under the motto “easy scheduling”, with the help of Doodle meeting polls can be carried out by people who don’t have a shared electronic calendar - and without having to register. Doodle is available in 31 languages and supports different time zones for the meeting polls.





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State-of-the-Art-technology meets scheduling

Before Doodle housed their hardware in nine’s highly secure rack, it was operated in the office by the company itself. As the company grew rapidly, it quickly became clear that an external (and secure) solution was required here. Doodle therefore looked for a partner, with the following requirements: the data had to stay in Switzerland; operation would take place through their own hardware; the partner had to be flexible and the security is guaranteed. This is how Doodle and nine came together.

Because Doodle has its own DevOps Team which is responsible for the configuration of frequent and short-term modifications, a Colocation product was the only sensible solution. Doodle can operate their own hardware in a Quarter (11U), Half (22U), Full (47U) or Premium Full Rack (52U) here - and all in the state-of-the-art data centre - simply and without the need for cumbersome processes. 

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The Colocation solutions offered by nine guarantee the highest security thanks to lockable racks and (biometric) access checks. The emergency power system, ventilation and internet connection are installed on a redundant basis and all racks are connected with 1 Gbps to nine’s high-performance backbone. Thanks to the dark fibre ring, high availability can be guaranteed at all four independent locations in Switzerland. 

Customers who value their own hardware and want to operate it themselves in a secure environment will find just what they are looking for with nine’s data centre solution. Even special requirements such as ISO27001 can be easily fulfilled by nine.


For Doodle, the availability is the most important thing. To date, nine has been able to fulfill everything to our utmost satisfaction adding a personal touch that make our collaboration much more efficient. Together with two great applications - the status page and the nine cockpit - it’s a successful partnership.

César Gonzalez DevOps Engineer Doodle AG

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House your own hardware in a highly secure Swiss data centre.