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The Jungfraubahn Group is the biggest mountain railway company in Switzerland, offering customers experiences in mountains and trains. A trip to the Jungfraujoch is the company’s strategic key component. The Jungfrau railway was opened in 1912 as a pioneering mountain railway and travels to the highest railway station in Europe. In 2015 the Jungfrau railway reached a record number of visitors, with 1'007'000 using the railway.





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Apache, PHP, MySQL,
Redis, Solr, NFS,
Typo3 & Magento

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approx. 70

From interlaken to the rest of the world

Jungfraubahnen Management AG has been working with nine since back in 2010. As time has passed, the demands placed on the web application’s operation have grown and the visitors of also expect an increasingly better and quicker web presence from the company. 

The topic of response times became pressing, as Jungfraubahnen Management AG became aware of a big problem in this respect in China. Subsequent measurements showed that the firewall installed by the Chinese government did not allow quick response times if the server was located outside of this firewall. As Asia and in particular China represented a very important segment in terms of visitors for Jungfraubahnen Management AG, it was very important to lower response times in China and to be able to keep them at a reasonable time.

As there are not many providers with their own servers in China and as Jungfraubahnen Management AG didn’t want to operate all of their hosting there, the Content Delivery Network concept seemed fitting. Together with the improvement of various technical aspects, such as the streamlining of images, the organisation of content, and other measures, it was possible to reduce response times from around 40-60 seconds to 3-8 seconds, while the bounce rate was massively reduced by up to 30%. A welcome side effect has also been the improvement of response times in Switzerland and Central Europe, where most of the visitors to the website come from.

Our implementation

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a component product of the Managed DDoS Protection, which combines the strengths of CloudFlare for protecting against DDoS attacks with the advantages of the Managed Server of nine. 

With the CDN, static content is automatically cached in so-called boundary nodes, which are located as close to the end user as possible. Dynamic content is delivered directly from the customer web server. Through corresponding routing, the website visitors are then automatically referred to the nearest data centre. This means that the customer website can load much quicker – irrespective of where the visitor is located. CloudFlare offers a network of over 86 data centres worldwide for this service. 

Together with the DDoS protection and the web application firewall, for an efficient prevention of DDoS attacks, for filtering unknown CMS attacks and for protection against SQL injections and cross-site scripting (XSS), nine offers the Content Delivery Network in the product Managed DDoS Protection. This way, customers can benefit from technical implementation by nine and also have a contact partner who takes on all administration, acting and reacting as a professional.

Jungfraubahnen Management AG

The co-operation with nine is very professional, expert, at a technologically high level, structured and yet still flexible. I really value their straightforward manner – we discuss things and they understand what I am saying. We are quick to find solutions together that are at the right technical level and correspond with our customer processes.

Daniel Steinmann Responsible for Internet & Intranet Jungfraubahnen Management AG

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