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Founded in 1826 in Bern, la Mobilière is the oldest insurance company in Switzerland. It is organised as a cooperative and today insures around 1.7 million people. La Mobilière's range includes residential, property, vehicle, travel, pension and health insurance. Companies can likewise choose from a wide range of insurance options. Because it works alongside a range of national and international partners, la Mobilière can also offer products that are not part of the in-house product range – the spirit is entirely one of “whatever happens, we’ll help you out – keeping it quick and uncomplicated.”

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Drupal mit Apache,
PHP, MySQL, Solr,
NFS, Redis, Varnish

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approx. 4500

Refreshed brand and new online presence

As part of the rejuvenation of the la Mobilière brand, the entire online presence has been reworked. Site hosting, previously operated by la Mobilière’s internal IT department, has been outsourced with the relaunch. In addition, la Mobilière has received a new CMS, the single domain has become three (one domain per language), previous standalone microsites have been integrated into the main site and a substantially new information structure was developed, including new content.

For web development and hosting, la Mobilière wanted partners that it had successfully worked with in the past. The result was a collaboration between nine and Liip AG as implementation partners.

In addition to the smooth introduction of the innovations mentioned above, it was also important for la Mobilière to know that the exacting demands on the providers were being met with respect to the reliability and responsiveness. Because the platform receives visitors 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and neither la Mobilière or Liip AG provide continuous operations, nine is able to ensure continuous availability.

Our implementation

The Service Level Agreements of nine complement all Managed Server products with valuable guarantees and services. The most important part of this is application and website monitoring which perfectly complements the general server monitoring provided by nine. As part of application and website monitoring, it is ensured that the client's website is permanently available and functioning properly. For this purpose, fixed parameters are checked at regular intervals by means of a string check, with nine being informed immediately in the event of a fault. This way, nine can respond directly and fix the problem in accordance with a pre-defined action plan – 24/7.

For this action plan, nine is working closely with la Mobilière – and it’s based on this cooperation that it is catering to la Mobilière's requirements. There are also other benefits, such as preferential treatment in case of emergency, protection against third parties, a guaranteed response time and a guaranteed availability of up to 99.9%. This way, our customers can be confident in fully concentrating on their business.

Mobilière Suisse Société d'assurances SA

nine keeps it quick and uncomplicated – just like la Mobilière itself. Working with them is fun and we appreciate the professional service provision. But almost as important is the direct and open manner in the communication we have with nine.

Fabian Buser Corporate Website Director Mobilière Suisse Société d'assurances SA

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