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QuercusApp is a cloud application developed by QuercusApp Technologies AG. The application transforms the traditional employee appraisal process into an ongoing process thanks to real-time feedback among employees. In this way, feedback can be given internally and obtained promptly, performance tracked based on graphics and performance capability improved. With QuercusApp, the objectives set for employees are accessible at any time - allowing them to actively participate in their own development.



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PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT redifined with startup-scaleup

QuercusApp Technologies AG started up in 2015 with QuercusApp and a hosting on Amazon Web Services. Rapid growth increased the requirements on the provider and the location in Switzerland, with safety standards and certifications becoming an issue. QuercusApp Technologies AG became aware of nine through recommendations.

The Startup-Scaleup programme allows QuercusApp Technologies AG to benefit from the overall package including support, advice and expertise. The fact that nine does not charge any setup fees during the establishment and operation gives QuercusApp Technologies AG diverse possibilities to try out new server-related approaches. Taken together with the interaction of the other Startup-Scaleup components, this is a fair offer with a good price/performance ratio.

What makes this optimal for QuercusApp Technologies AG is the discount of up to 50% as well as the regular optimisation of their systems by the experts from nine and the coaching from Philipp Koch, CEO of nine, relating to issues that affect more than just the hosting.

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The Startup-Scaleup programme offers founders a flexible, powerful and scalable platform with an advantageous financing model. The Managed Servers from nine – with 24/7 availability, complete management and personal support as well as advice and optimisation provided by system engineers and developers – give startups the opportunity to concentrate fully on the further development of their company.

Since startups are fast and dynamic, nine customers can likewise benefit from fast response times, the rapid delivery of new servers and short reaction times. This allows start-ups to react very flexibly to any changes. And together with the financial support obtained through a discount of up to 50% during the first 18 months, startups do not need to worry about the operation of their web application at nine. 


We are very pleased with nine’s Startup-Scaleup programme and would immediately recommend it to every startup. The price concession is very generous and the service provided is excellent.

Lucien Brahier Co-Founder QuercusApp Technologies AG

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