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Do you fully understand your company's current technological position?

Objective insights for those who don’t speak tech

As one of the key decision makers within your organization, you already know that the lynchpin to your company's future growth lies in your ability to remain agile and deliver an unparalleled customer experience. For most companies, doing those things means understanding how their architecture works, how processes can be improved and if a platform change could solve potential issues.

What every assessment from nine includes

An assessment from nine gives you insight into where your company currently stands. It explaines detailed findings about your company's technological state -- and a straightforward explanation of what those findings actually mean. nine provides you with a list of recommended improvements -- and a breakdown of how we could implement those improvements for you.

How an assessment of nine could help

For your ideal setup, we support you as an independent and professional consultant to help you to achieve your goals.

IT Architecture Assessment

We would like to give you an external look at your current IT architecture and your processes. Thus, we will analyze your actual situation, collect findings and summarize them for you in a detailed report.

It’s important for us, that you can evaluate our findings correctly and check the realization of improvements. Therefore, we will give you recommendations and advices for the best possible implementation. For all of our assessment services, it is not relevant if you are already a customer at nine or if your IT-setup is running with another provider.

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Learn more about the structure of your IT setup and how to avoid issues.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Learn more about the behaviour of your application in a cloud computing architecture.

DevOps Readiness

Learn more about improving your internal processes with a docker training.

Tell us more about your cloud journey and how we can help.

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