Cloud Migration

To make your cloud migration successful you need to choose the right partner.

Cloud technology has the power to transform your business. To make your cloud migration successful, though, you need to choose the right partner. The right cloud services provider makes the transition easier by remaining abreast of cloud computing trends and providing the best cloud security, availability and scalability. nine navigates your organization through its migration to the cloud and offers full management of your setup after landing in the cloud.

Which cloud technology is right for my business?

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With SaaS cloud computing, your business pays for access to an application that runs from the cloud. 

Running an application such as your CRM database or marketing automation platform from the cloud gives you access to the same technology that you’re probably already running from your own in-house servers - but at a lower cost and with better speed, availability and security.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS cloud computing gives your company access to a cloud-based operating system and development platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

With a cloud platform as a service, you can develop your own custom applications as long as they confirm to the platform's specifications. A cloud platform as a service is ideal if you want to develop an online service without worrying about the management of the underlying software or resources.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

With IaaS cloud computing, you have the greatest freedom for developing custom applications and services. 

Infrastructure as a code gives you access to the most basic elements of computing such as virtual processors, storage space and network connections. Infrastructure as a code gives your company complete control over the cloud computing resources that it utilizes.


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Why is nine the best partner for my company’s cloud migration?

Fully managed

Full management of cloud environments is one of the most important modern cloud computing trends. When you partner with nine, you can concentrate on delivering great services to your customers because we'll monitor the health of your environment, install updates automatically and ensure that your cloud services are always available.

Best availability

Depending on your business's requirements, we offer flexible SLA levels that guarantee your personal best cloud availability. If your company needs guaranteed high-priority responses to service requests, we can offer them. Ask our friendly representatives for details. We also offer periodic stress tests to ensure that your service can handle periods of heavy customer demand.

Best data security

Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that your company's most crucial data exists on many different instances simultaneously. A  failure is irrelevant with cloud storage. We also offer data storage in our secure Switzerland facility for companies that must comply with local laws regarding storage of customer data.

Transparent pricing

All cloud services from nine include availability monitoring and 24-hour support. We offer all of our cloud customers a transparent pricing structure that scales according to SLA requirements and usage of the cloud platform. When your service consumes more of the cloud's resources, you'll pay more. When no one uses your services, you'll pay less. In either case, you'll enjoy 24-hour monitoring and support -- so you'll enjoy greatly reduced costs compared to the expense of hiring an in-house IT department to monitor your company's servers.

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