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No other company offers DDoS mitigation services that can compete with ours.

Do you think that your business's website isn't a potential target for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks? Think again. According to FraudWatch International, cybercriminals perpetrated 124’000 DDoS attacks during the first half of 2016. A hacker may target a website due to blackmail or a desire to exploit a larger weakness in the website's underlying hardware or software. If your website has gone offline as the result of a DDoS attack, you know how damaging it can be to lose a primary revenue source for any length of time. If your website hasn't experienced a DDoS attack, now is the time to prepare.

nine offers Managed DDoS Protection to its customers. Enjoy the best anti DDoS service -- and your customers will benefit from a faster and more reliable experience when using your website.


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How nine's Managed DDoS Protection service works

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Fast access worldwide. DDoS prevention from nine begins with the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network. CloudFlare caches copies of your website's static files -- such as images and HTML documents -- on servers in 71 data centers around the world. When a visitor views your website, CloudFlare automatically serves the data from the server farm that can provide it most quickly - no matter where the visitor is located.

No limitations through DDoS. DDoS attacks work by overwhelming servers with invalid requests. Using the CloudFlare network offers ample DDoS protection for websites and excellent DDoS mitigation. In all, the network can handle traffic volumes up to 400 Gbps.


A precondition to the DDoS protection of your server is that Cloud Flare hides the IP address of your server at nine. Any person who attempts to access your website will receive the data from a CloudFlare server rather than a server from nine. Anyone who attempts to initiate a DDoS attack against your website will actually attack a CloudFlare server rather than your nine server.

More about our DDoS Protection

How does nine's DDoS mitigation service handle attacks on other customers' websites?

Our DDoS protection service protects the server hosting your application by hiding its IP address. Our DDoS mitigation service ensures that a DDoS attack against one customer will not affect other customers. Our dedicated server DDoS prevention system automatically rejects any requests sent to a server that's under attack.

nine’s DDoS protection makes your website faster

nine doesn't just offer the best DDoS protection for websites -- our server DDoS protection actually makes your website faster. Our DDoS server protection through CloudFlare does an excellent job of caching your website's static content, but content such as blog pages and product recommendations in an online store is dynamic.

To improve the delivery speed of dynamic content, we have added the CloudFlare RailGun service to our suite of DDoS prevention services.

RailGun allows your website to separate the dynamic and static data in pages. When a user views a page with dynamic content on your website, your server sends only the page's dynamic data in a compressed form to CloudFlare. CloudFlare adds the dynamic data to the existing cached static data before forwarding the complete page to the user.

nine's dedicated server DDoS prevention leads the industry

No other company offers DDoS mitigation services that can compete with ours. Using the power of CloudFlare, we stop DDoS attacks before they have an opportunity to reach your server. Simultaneously, it ensures that your website's legitimate visitors always enjoy the fastest speeds possible.
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