Disaster Recovery Services

Don't let your business suffer the lost customers and lost revenue that downtime can cause.

A website or web-based application can incur downtime for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, though, extended downtime occurs because of hacking or human error.

If your business hosts a website or web-based application on an in-house server, downtime resulting from hacking or human error could have catastrophic impact. Some companies ultimately resort to hiring outside help to remedy problems such as data loss and website defacement -- and if a business's website and online services remain unavailable long enough, that business will almost certainly lose customers.

Don't let your business suffer the lost customers and lost revenue that downtime can cause. With managed disaster recovery services from nine, you'll never have to worry about fallout from lost data. Our managed backup and disaster recovery service will restore your website or online services exactly as they were before the disaster.

Why nine offers the best disaster recovery and business continuity services

Always Available

Our disaster recovery service utilizes the power of the Amazon cloud and our established and managed data centers in Switzerland. Depending on the wishes of our client, disaster recovery is not done on any single physical computer -- it exists on many servers in data centers around the world or within Switzerland.

Easy to Configure

Whether your company plans to migrate its digital services to the cloud or continue running them on local servers, we have a managed disaster recovery service that will fit your needs. We won't just configure it for you; we'll test it periodically to make sure that the managed online backup virtual disaster recovery system begins working as it should if your business's services become inaccessible.

Turnkey Managed Disaster Recovery Solution

Our fully turnkey managed backup and disaster recovery solution meets the needs of any business -- and we provide everything necessary to protect your organization. With our disaster recovery service, you'll get planning, testing, setup and management. We'll protect your business's digital services and ensure the safety of your critical data.

Comparison of nine's managed disaster recovery services

On-demand disaster recovery

With this managed online backup virtual disaster recovery service, we'll create periodic images of all protected computers and store them within our cloud-based or local datacenter environments. 

Our backup solution automatically compresses all files and skips backing up duplicate files to minimize the storage space consumed and avoid slowing the performance of your business's computers with constant file transfers. We can automatically bring your backup to life if one of your servers fails or if a single application becomes unavailable. We'll configure the backup solution according to your business's requirements.

High-availability business continuity

This is a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solution for businesses that require byte-perfect backups of every operating system, every application and every file. 

Our high-availability business continuity solution works with any physical or virtual server, and it provides far more than copies of individual files. Restoring any system is as simple as selecting the date and time to which you want to roll the system back.

Mobilière Suisse Société d'assurances

“nine.ch keeps it quick and uncomplicated – just like la Mobilière itself. Working with them is fun and we appreciate the professional service provision. But almost as important is the direct and open manner in the communication we have with nine.ch.”


Fabian Buser Corporate Website Director Mobilière Suisse Société d'assurances SA


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