Infrastructure as a Service

Let your IT staff focus on your customers rather than your network infrastructure.

Why an IaaS Solution

Whether your company hosts its digital solutions on premise or with traditional hosting services, deploying an application on standard network infrastructure is often problematic. If your company's internal IT personnel spend all of their time managing the servers, it means that they aren't spending their time developing new services for your customers. If things aren't running smoothly, you have to remove IT staff from other tasks to fix the problem. Even when things are working as they should, your people still have the burden of monitoring the security of the infrastructure.

Lots of benefits with IaaS

Your company needs a solution that allows your IT staff to focus on your customers rather than your network infrastructure. Infrastructure as a Service from nine is the solution.

What is
Infrastructure as a Service


Challenges with traditional hosting

To understand IaaS more fully, consider what your company needs to do to obtain and provision network resources such as servers, storage space and network bandwidth. If your company hosts its own digital solutions, you need to buy equipment -- and if you need additional resources, you need to buy even more equipment. If you use colocation solutions, you need to provide additional hardware to install in the housing rack. If you use a traditional datacenter in Switzerland, you have to contact your hosting services to upgrade your service plans. Whether you use a dedicated server, colocation solutions or traditional hosting services, you're locked in a constant struggle of having too many resources or too few.

Modern hosting services resolve infrastructure scaling problems

With IaaS, you can deploy your company's applications using virtually unlimited computing resources. If your applications experience high demand, the cloud server environment (i.e. Amazon Web Services) automatically provisions additional resources from the environment's underlying hardware. If the applications are idle, they'll consume less of the cloud's resources. When you deploy your applications to a cloud environment using IaaS, you'll always have access to the resources that your applications require -- and you'll only pay for the resources that you use.


The cloud doesn't exist on any one dedicated server -- or even in a single housing rack. Virtual environments exist today on many physical servers simultaneously. With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you pay for access to that virtual environment.

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Why choose nine for IaaS?

When you host your applications with an IaaS solution from nine, you're working with a company that offers a managed data center in Switzerland. If your company has to abide by Swiss compliance laws when handling customer data, we're the perfect solution.

Our Infrastructure as a Service environment is better than a traditional hosting environment -- even a dedicated root server environment. With a dedicated root server, you have the full access required to run your own custom code. During periods of high demand, though, customer traffic may exceed the server's capacity to deliver services. With IaaS, you have the same level of access and the same ability to run your company's custom applications -- but many servers work simultaneously to provide the resources that your applications require. Our datacenter in Switzerland has the capacity to handle the demands of companies ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations without compromising the availability and speed that your customers demand.

The Swiss Red Cross

“I really appreciate the very high availability and convenient scaling options. Together with the rapidity of support, this is very impressive. We initially had very specific, technical requirements, which implemented in a highly professional manner and with the right solutions in each case.”

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Thomas Imboden Head of Technology RCE The Swiss Red Cross

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