Managed Cloud Computing

nine guides you safely through the AWS infrastructure!

Interested in moving to the cloud?

Although many of our customers want to follow the trend "into the cloud", they are hesitant when it comes to availability, security and reliability.

Managed Services for the Cloud

You want to move your infrastructure to AWS, but are sceptical about the vast and confusing array of services that AWS offers? You're not the only one.

For many of our customers, managing the AWS setup is very time-consuming. They also want to prevent unnecessary additional costs - incurred, for example, by choosing the wrong services.

Cloud Management
as a service

nine is with you from the very start of your journey through the cloud and is on hand to provide support from setup to managing every aspect of the AWS instances.

Whether you want to move your setup to AWS or you are already with AWS - either way, with us you get the perfect setup. We help you put together the perfect setup which, on the one hand, runs absolutely securely and which, on the other, does not incur unnecessary costs. For us, a clearly arranged infrastructure for the customer's setup in the cloud is key. We manage your entire cloud environment, advise you on any adaptations that may be required and get the best results out of your reserved instances!

This is how you become an AWS client


As a certified APN Standard Consulting Partner and with AWS Certified Solutions Architects in the team, we are very well acquainted with the AWS ecosystem.


New: Whitepaper "Companies in the cloud"

  • Are you interested in the "Mystery Cloud", but are still sceptical whether the cloud is the right thing for you and your company?
  • You are wondering what the potentials, opportunities but also the challenges and limitations of the cloud are?
  • Do you want to know what cloud computing and Managed Cloud means for your company?

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Mobilière Suisse Société d'assurances

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“nine keeps it quick and uncomplicated – just like la Mobilière itself. Working with them is fun and we appreciate the professional service provision. But almost as important is the direct and open manner in the communication we have with nine.”
Fabian Buser Corporate Website Director Mobilière Suisse Société d'assurances SA


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