Step by Step to the cloud

Step by step to the cloud - a guide for businesses

This white paper clarifies these issues and helps you to prepare for your migration to the cloud.

You will find out whether your company might have been 'ready' for the cloud for some time, how you can plan your migration to the cloud with simple tools, and eventually implement it on your own or with the help of your managed service provider (MSP).

Frontpage-Whitepaper - Step by Step to the Cloud - Nine-low

  • Definitions: What is the cloud and what is cloud computing?
  • Requirements: What are the preconditions for your company and the necessary specs for your cloud solution?
  • The path to the cloud: Your strategy for migrating
  • Step by Step: Migrating to the cloud
  • To be taken into consideration: Security, data protection and costs

I'd like to know more about the first steps into the cloud.