Day 2 Operations with Kubernetes

Day 2 Operations with Kubernetes

What to consider when getting started with Kubernetes


When introducing Kubernetes to their own IT systems, many companies are soon faced with the same challenge: day-2 operations. This is the point where the product is ready for use and is set to be integrated into their daily business. Maintenance, monitoring and optimisation tasks arise, and from this moment onwards, if not before, they require continuous resources. This is why businesses should make resources and internal know-how available early on to ensure that implementation and the transition to using Kubernetes in their daily business go as smoothly as possible. Since day-2 operations do not end with a  successful “day 2”, but last for the entire product life cycle, long-term thinking is needed. This is because only continuous system analysis and patching create efficiency when running applications in Kubernetes.

This whitepaper presents useful tips on which processes you can expect when implementing Kubernetes, what you need to consider, and how you can manage functionalities sustainably with the right tools.


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