Nine Managed Search with OpenSearch and Solr

Zurich, 12.12.2022 

With OpenSearch and Solr, Nine is adding two new search servers to their managed service portfolio. 

OpenSearch and Solr are among the most popular and powerful open source search servers. The projects are based on Apache Lucene, a programme library which indexes information in a flexible manner and can provide results for even complex searches in a short time.

A managed service means that Nine takes care of configuring, updating and monitoring a service, thus allowing the customer to focus on using it.

OpenSearch replaces the search server Elasticsearch in Nine’s product portfolio, as the latter can no longer be offered as a managed service due to changing licence stipulations. Compared to Elasticsearch, OpenSearch is characterised by further developments such as extended security functionalities, search support in SQL or automatic anomaly detection. The compatibility of OpenSearch with Elasticsearch version 7.10, the last version published under an open-source licence, is fully guaranteed.

Managed Solr will be added to Nine’s portfolio of managed services as a new service. With Solr, Nine fulfils additional customer needs regarding data type and scope, as well as the depiction of search results. Nine offers the latest version of the powerful and scalable search server.

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