nine has two new members OF the board of directors 

Zurich, July 8th, 2020 –Dr. Christine Schneider and Valérie Vuillerat have joined the Board of Directors of nine. Both bring a lot of experience and know-how to this position and support Nine on its way to more agility and the vision to tailor products and services even better to customers and market needs. In order to also maintain the independence of the Board of Directors towards the shareholders, Dr. Christine Schneider has taken over as Chairman of the Board. Nine is looking forward to the future cooperation.

Portrait of the Board of Directors
Thomas Hug, founder and majority shareholder of nine, remains on the board of directors as before and will focus on current and future technologies and the infrastructure of Nine.

Valérie Vuillerat is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in highly competitive commercial environments. Since the 1990ies, she has been co-founding a number of digital services (& product) ventures and scaled those quickly. Being a designer at heart with a MAS in Human Computer Interaction Design, she has a personal
mission: to raise awareness for the significant ROI of diversity. Within the Board of Directors, she will focus on Sales, Products and Operations.

With Dr. Christine Schneider, we were able to win another very experienced executive for the Board of Directors. Christine looks back on more than 20 years of management and leadership experience at the executive level with a focus on finance, controlling, HR and the support of transformations. This experience is enriched by several academic qualifications, including economist dr. oec HSG. For this reason, she will cover the topics of finance, leadership, and organizational development within the board of directors.