Nine launches state-of-the-art, S3-compatible object storage product

Zurich, 01.07.2021 – With the new Object Storage, Nine Internet Solutions AG, Switzerland’s leading provider for managed service solutions and platform management in the cloud, is launching a product which offers clients the highest level of flexibility, thanks to a wide array of possible applications and usage-based billing.

The new Storage as a Service product is S3-compatible and was developed for clients who are looking for a reliable, flexible and readily available storage solution which offers more than the simple backup function of object based storage. What sets the new product apart is that it allows for access from external sources, which makes it highly versatile. For example, it can be used as external storage for websites or mobile apps, or to store and provide user uploads.

The product is also highly scalable ‒ another aspect through which it offers clients maximum flexibility. The storage size automatically adapts to their needs, and they only pay for what they actually use.

Object Storage stores all data redundantly. For backups in a physically separate location, two different data centres, located in Switzerland, are available. 

Object Storage is now available and can be activated via Nine’s self-service portal. 

Further information on Object Storage: