Object Storage

Never worry about your storage running into capacity shortages again. Our S3-compatible Object Storage continually adapts to your storage needs.

Take advantage of the flexibility offered by Nine Object Storage and only pay for the storage space you really use.

Nine Object Storage - major advantages

Elastic Storage

Completely elastic storage which automatically adapts to your storage needs

Two cluster

Two clusters in different data centres available for redundant, off-site storage

Attractive pricing

Attractive, usage-based pricing

Product & Use Cases

Object Storage is more than just a backup storage solution. It is the ideal product to supply data to websites and mobile apps, store and provide user uploads, or host entire websites.

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Technical Aspects

Nine Object Storage is a file hosting service. As opposed to block storage, it offers unlimited storage capacity. There are no limits to file uploads, and the object storage stores data redundantly at all times. You can choose between two different data centres.

S3 is an industry standard which manages file uploads and downloads through HTTP(S) protocols.



Storage: 0.09CHF/GB per month

Outgoing data: 0.02CHF/GB

Incoming data: free

Using Object Storage is simple


Step 1

Login to cockpit


Step 2

Create bucket and user


Step 3

Upload your data using the
S3 client application or software
framework of your choice.


Further information

You can find further information on the
structure and utilisation of our Object
Storage product on our Support page.


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