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Your own server in a highly secure data centre in Zurich

Maximum availability thanks to redundant connection

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Enjoy the benefits of our Server Housing products starting with just one height unit.

24/7 access

You have the option of 24/7 fingerprint reader access to the data centre. Or you can request temporary access during office hours.


  • Emergency power systems, climate control and internet connectivity are fully redundant
  • Biometric access control

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Customised solutions across various locations are provided by our two data centres and four separate fire protection zones - for more availability. Dedicated network connections are possible by MPLS, dedicated wavelengths or dark fibre technology.

Internet connection

All server systems and racks are connected to our high performance backbone at a speed of 1 Gbps.


Our data centres are located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Server Housing products




1 HU

Monthly fees 99.-
Setup fee 199.-

Available power

Connection/bandwidth 1 Gbps flat
Network availability 99.9%
IPv4 addresses 1
IPv6 addresses /48
Fire protection (gas) ico_tick.png
Emergency power ico_tick.png
Redundant climate control ico_tick.png
Access control ico_tick.png
Video surveillance ico_tick.png
24/7 stand-by service ico_tick.png
Support Personal contact person
Data centre location Zurich, Switzerland

Prices in CHF, not including VAT


Options (monthly) Close
  Monthly  Setup
Additional height unit (for server who requires more than 1 HE) 40.- -
Additional 115 W power supply 

Efficient power consumption is essential for the operation of the server. For this purpose, power consumption is measured when moving into the data centre. Please note that the power specifications on the power supply refer to maximum values and do not reflect the effective power consumption.

45.- -
High availability (dual power and out-of-band port) 

High availability with dual power and out-of-band port on same access switch, separate IP range.

Remote Reboot is not available with dual power.

45.- 180.-
Dedicated 24/7 access 19.- -
Remote Reboot 

Using the Remote Reboot option, you can perform a cold start of your server without having to be on-site. This can be useful when installing a new kernel, for example. Simply tell the bootloader to boot the new kernel the next time you restart the system. If your server freezes on restart due to a kernel panic, you can recover the server by performing a cold start.


Please note: If you order the Remote Reboot Option later, we have to move your server and you have to pay the setup fee again.

9.- 90.-
For each additional IPv4 address 

We recommend a dedicated subnet if you have four or more IPv4 addresses.

5.- -
Dedicated /28 subnet with 11 available IPv4 addresses 

Larger subnets are available on request for an additional fee.

50.- 90.-
Additional switchport 

Option of additional gigabit connection for internal networking (separate VLAN) or out-of-band port (separate IP range).

20.- 180.-
BGP Announcement on request on request
CO2-neutral operations 

Complete offsetting of CO2 emissions.

4.- -
Green energy 

Operation with energy sourced from environmentally friendly hydropower.

8.- -
Options (one-time) Close
Remote Console IP-KVM 

IP-KVM lets your screen, keyboard and mouse of your server be controlled remotely via the internet. Cost for single 6-hour session.

Remote Hands 

If you need Remote Hands to help you with the installation of your server hardware or with operations, our technicians will be happy to assist you. If needed, we provide a 24/7 stand-by service.

180.-/hour (min. 15min will be charged)
Stand-by service (outside of business hours)  250.-/hour

Prices in CHF, not including VAT


Do you have any questions or would you like to order?

+41 44 637 40 00 info@nine.chOrder

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