Our Nine Infrastructure

Two separate data centers, a multiple redundancy network and high-quality server components form the technological backbone of Nine.

State-of-the-art data centers

Our Swiss data centers

Nine runs its data centers at two separate sites in Zurich (Switzerland). The productive servers and data backups are distributed across two sites.
Both data centres are connected by a route-redundant dark fibre ring. Thanks to this connection, the data can be exchanged redundantly between the individual data centres at 2x 10 Gbps. High availability is also ensured by the ring connection: if part of the ring is disrupted, the remaining parts take over data transfer automatically.
Backups are stored at one of both sites in a separate location isolated from the other systems.
Depending which site you choose, access is granted via biometric fingerprint scanner or the 24/7 on-site staff.
Nine ISO 27001 & FINMA Guidelines


With the option Cert+, we run your server in an ISO 27001 certified data centre under the guidelines of FINMA circular 2008/7 "Outsourcing - banks".

our strengths

Nine has two separate locations in Zurich. The production servers and backups are split between two locations. Both data centres are connected to one another using a redundant dark fibre ring. This connection allows for the redundant exchange of data between the two data centres at a speed of 2 x 10 Gbps. In addition, the ring connection ensures the high availability: If part of the ring is disrupted, the remaining parts take over the data transfer automatically.


Emergency power

Redundant emergency power systems with diesel generators and batteries.


Climate control

Redundant climate control


Internet connection

Redundant Internet connectivity. All Nine products have 1 Gbps traffic flat included (except BGP-announcements)


Fire protection

Gas fire extinguisher system


Access control

Rigorous access control with biometric fingerprint scanners (at colozueri)


Support 24/7

On-site security 24/7 personnel (at e-shelter)



Round-the-clock video surveillance


ISO 27001

FINMA compliant facility (at e-shelter)


FINMA guidelines

With the option Cert+ we are running your server in an ISO 27001 certified data center, using the guidelines of FINMA Circular 08/7 "Outsourcing Banks" (at e-shelter).

Energy efficiency

Cooling is one of the most important components of a data centre.  The cooling system type and method are not only responsible for a substantial portion of the power usage, but also define the potential performance density and thus a data centre’s load intensity. Modern data centres use a principle called cold aisle containment, instead of cooling the entire area of the data centre itself.
At Nine, we use this cold aisle design for efficient energy use and are thus making an important contribution to a green IT.

As a further commitment to a green IT, Nine receives its electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources, and with the support of myclimate (certification 2021), we are completely carbon-neutral. Nine customers who would like to run their server product in an eco-friendly manner can easily add the option ‘carbon-neutrality’ to their product via e-mail.