DDoS Protection



You would like your applications to be available 24/7 all around the world, and to be protected from DDos attacks at the same time?  Then we are your partner for planning, managing, coordinating and configuring effective protection with Cloudflare. 

 Thanks to one of the largest DDoS protection networks, Cloudflare helps us to protect your application from such attacks. With the  Content Delivery  Network (CDN), you benefit from quick delivery worldwide.

Security Assessment by Nine

To ensure that you can take the right measures early on, we analyse your IT setup to find possible weaknesses in case of a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, look at the firewall protection of your servers, and check your processes for security gaps which may have disastrous consequences.  With this information, we determine exactly how resilient your IT architecture is. 

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Cloudflare: Protecting Apfelkiste.ch from DDoS Attacks

From the start, the company’s enormous growth made it clear that apfelkiste.ch would become the target of DDoS attacks. Thus, the company worked with Nine and Cloudflare to establish a solution early on. This solution is not only resistant to DDoS attacks, but also offers many other advantages by providing less complexity and stronger performance.


What is DDoS and how can I protect myself?

Suddenly being overloaded with unknown traffic and being shut down is certainly no fun. Could it be DDoS? Reto, our security officer, gives you some insights into the process of a DDoS attack, tips on ways of stopping it (hint: you better prepare!) and what kind of protective measures you can implement.


DDoS Attacks and How to Protect Yourself

The term ‘DDoS’ is familiar to every website operator today, even if they haven’t experienced the effects at first hand. We live in an age in which life is lived online. Turnover of local shops has long been lagging behind that of online shops. Now imagine that one of these profitable online shops has to close its doors temporarily due to a problem. Wouldn’t they do everything they could to keep the drop in sales as low as possible?